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Donohue Specialty Consulting can work closely with the client to create a strategic advisory plan for a very specific project or for general aspects of the client’s operations and goals.
company status consulting

Examination of the Company’s Present Status

It is important for companies to have third-party, unbiased professionals assess the present status of the company or a particular government division.

Donohue Specialty Consulting will examine a particular procedure or policy and then work with the client to make the appropriate, reasonable changes to achieve the results desired by the client.

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Strategic Recommendations

Donohue Specialty Consulting will develop and execute a strategy to grow your business. We will work closely with your leadership to establish the right practical plan with good direction that will motivate the employees to move forward with the plan.

corporate strategy

Specific Company Departments or the Entire Company

Procedurally, the consultants will assess the situation, create a written Strategic Plan, help implement the plan, and then monitor it. In some cases, a Pilot Program can be created to test the Strategic Plan, and then, if necessary, the Strategic Plan can be modified.

Executive Dispute Resolution

Assist in the Implementation of the Strategic Plan

Donohue Specialty Consulting will confer with the appropriate executives to determine the best way to carry out the Strategic Plan. For example, perhaps DSC co-chairs a Task Force working with staff members, or perhaps DSC works on the Plan separately from the staff.

Part of the Strategic Plan may incorporate other services DSC can provide, such as Special Training Sessions.

Strategic Advisory Services

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Our Team

George Donohue

George Donohue


Renowned as one of the nation’s top negotiation experts, George Donohue has taught the business of real estate and the art of negotiating to thousands of people. He has consulted for corporations, governments and individuals worldwide.

Paul Wolfson

Paul Wolfson


With a remarkable career spanning various facets of real estate, Paul Wolfson has consistently demonstrated
his expertise in managing real estate transactions, sourcing financing, and driving value creation.

Kevin Hu

Kevin Hu


Kevin Hu has the expertise, knowledge, and skill set to analyze a company’s requirements and generate new business opportunities. He can also greatly improve the current relationships with international companies and foreign agencies.