Executive Management Specialty Consulting

All good companies, government entities, and schools want to improve some aspects of their leadership staff and the elements that support their executives.

Donohue Specialty Consulting provides service and support for specific programs.


Ethical Leadership

Integrity, dignity, and reputation are extremely important. Formal training regarding ethical leadership helps to further improve the already good character of staff, clarifies the best behavior in regard to sometimes difficult situations, and actually improves marketing and imagery.

real estate negotiation

Succession Planning

The economy, the particular market, new legislation, new technology, and many other factors can affect various companies, government agencies, and universities.  We work with the client to predict the various impacts these factors can have and then create a Change Management Plan to eliminate any negative impacts but also gain advantages due to any new changes.

International Business Consulting

International Business Development

George Donohue, the founder of DSC, spent a good part of his career negotiating literally thousands of transactions with numerous foreign countries. He successfully negotiated agreements with executives from all over the world every day in the World Trade Center in New York City, which had over 12,000,000 square feet of space devoted to only international businesses. He also had good relationships with other major World Trade Centers in other key cities.

If a company or university wants to expand into another country, DSC will help create a comprehensive Expansion Plan.

Executive Dispute Resolution

Major Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Since DSC is a leading consultant in specific services, especially in carrying out successful negotiations and practical negotiation training, DSC can be quickly retained to step in as a consultant to solve any major dispute.  Donohue Specialty Consulting can provide Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation services.

Executive Board Membership

Board Membership

Since Donohue Specialty Consultants are senior executives with many productive years, they can be considered for Board Membership in a company or university either for a short-term or long-term period.

Executive Management Consulting Services

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Our Team

George Donohue

George Donohue


Renowned as one of the nation’s top negotiation experts, George Donohue has taught the business of real estate and the art of negotiating to thousands of people. He has consulted for corporations, governments and individuals worldwide.

Paul Wolfson

Paul Wolfson


With a remarkable career spanning various facets of real estate, Paul Wolfson has consistently demonstrated
his expertise in managing real estate transactions, sourcing financing, and driving value creation.

Kevin Hu

Kevin Hu


Kevin Hu has the expertise, knowledge, and skill set to analyze a company’s requirements and generate new business opportunities. He can also greatly improve the current relationships with international companies and foreign agencies.