George Donohue

Renowned as one of the nation’s top negotiation experts, George Donohue has gone head-to-head against top executives from such global powerhouses as Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Dean Witter, Citibank, The Bank of Tokyo, McDonald’s, Charles Schwab and hundreds of other companies. He’s even taken on national governments, including Japan and Russia.

A major highlight of Mr. Donohue’s career was when he was the head of real estate for the World Trade Center in New York.  He managed the overall multi-billion-dollar portfolio of office, retail and industrial assets which was comprised of over 20 million square feet.  The portfolio consisted of the World Trade Center, a 110 story, 12,000,000 square foot complex; The Newark Legal Center, a 20-story, 475,000 square foot office tower; Elizabeth Industrial Park, a 46-acre complex; The Teleport, a 100-acre high-tech office park; The Bathgate Industrial Park, a 21-acre site; and the Yonkers industrial Park, an 18-acre asset.

Over his lifetime, Mr. Donohue has taught the business of real estate and the art of negotiating to thousands of people. He has consulted for corporations, governments and individuals worldwide.

His first book, Real Estate Dealmaking: A Property Investor’s Guide to Negotiating, has received rave reviews in the national press. The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Miami Herald rated his debut as on the of the top 10 real estate books in the United States for 2005.

As a speaker, George has established an enviable reputation on the international circuit, particularly in China, Japan and throughout Europe. The media often seek his expertise on real estate, architecture and business. He consults with corporations, governments and individuals worldwide, and he has traveled to speak in more than 40 countries.

Mr. Donohue has lectured at many universities such as Harvard, MIT, Baruch, State University of New York, the City University of New York, Mount St. Mary College, Fordham, Brooklyn Law School and Touro College.

George serves as president of International Properties Group (IPG) in New York.

George Donohue

New York

Associate’s Degree in Construction Management,Bachelor’s Degree in
Architecture and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Development
and Finance from New York University.

He has negotiated against numerous top executives and individuals from entities such as the Japanese, Russian, Chinese, French and United States governments, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, The Commodities Exchange, JP Morgan Chase, the Gap, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of Tokyo, Charles Schwab and hundreds of others.