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Mr. George Donohue has often been hired as an important legal expert witness in high-profile, critical real estate related cases in various courts, including the Supreme Court in New York.

A good example of how Mr. Donohue’s insight and experience are used to win key real estate cases is his ability to explain and justify fairness and how it should be issued. He also uses good logic to explain ways to resolve a dispute. The following is a sample of just four cases in which his talent and wisdom were applied:

In each case, Mr. Donohue was hired as a legal expert, and the judge sided with Mr. Donohue’s opinions, recommendations, and conclusions.


Explaining and resolving the appropriate commission to be paid related to a major NYC real estate deal.

In this court case, the client who hired Mr. Donohue was a very well-known and reputable real estate broker who brokered a major real estate deal in New York City. However, during the transaction, the broker and the owner of the commercial building had a conflict over what was agreed to regarding the commission payment, so the lawsuit was generated.

Mr. Donohue’s experience created a very successful and informative expert written statement, which resulted in the client being awarded a very reasonable and well-justified award of over $2,000,000 in commission.

See: Moses Singer Obtains a Million Dollars Plus Jury Award for an Unpaid Brokerage Commission

Explaining and resolving the appropriate fee related to a major law school building construction project

This case was about a situation where the owner of a major construction company had a real estate broker sue the owner in regard to being the person responsible for getting the owner to build a major university for a prestigious law firm. The broker was asking for an absorbent fee. The owner hired Mr. Donohue as a legal expert to explain to the judge what would be a fair amount. In her final ruling, the judge cited that she agreed with Mr. Donohue’s opinion, so the fee that was agreed to was very acceptable to his client.


Explaining and resolving the fairness of a section of a complex document from years ago

A famous restaurant in Times Square, New York, was leasing a high-profile space, and the client was able to renew the lease, but the wording in the lease about the rate of the renewal rent simply cited it as “it should be a fair rent.” Mr. Donohue was hired by the restaurant owner to defend their position on what was a good fair rent at an American Arbitration Association hearing. The logic Mr. Donohue applied and the results were greatly appreciated by the restaurant owner.


Explaining and resolving what actually should be the Fair Market Value of the purchase of a major project

A major real estate owner in New Jersey owned a large complex campus and was selling it to an investor based on what the phraseology in the master lease cited as both Fair Market Rental Value and Fair Market Rent. Mr. Donohue explained to the court the difference between the two and which one was more sensible and fair. The client who hired Mr. Donohue was very happy with the results.

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